They often say that price and quality go hand in hand, but we in NS believe that great service and good quality do not need to cost a fortune. What drives us is our passion around all things digital.

Apps and homepages

The last 5-6 years we have worked on different projects, food ordering site, WordPress design – check the very active blog site A Drop in the Ocean, app projects, simple and more advanced. We have just completed Craft Beer Finder, a really good companion app when you need to find craft beer bars. The app contains the latest in location technology, which was very complex to get implemented.

If you have started your own company and haven’t created your website, then we can help creating a good quality site, find hosting, create domain and email accounts and configure everything. We will try to find the best and cheapest offer on the market, so you only pay what is necessary.

You want an app, you have a good idea and a mature business plan, and you have considered how to monetize the app, then we can help you with:

  • app specification requirements
  • finding a software agency for development
  • establishing timeline
  • get your project localised
  • running the project from start to finish

People think it is just a question of finding a company and give some loose instructions and get half a verbal agreement, but it almost always ends badly, especially when you work with foreign low cost companies, you need a more hands-on approach. Even with a great spec, which goes a long way, there are always unexpected obstacles and delays which appear as if from nowhere. Culture differences, time difference, weekend falling on Friday and Saturday and different perception of quality of design are just some of the things you need to look out for. Just look at GDPR jungle that you need to get through. It has complicated development projects and many companies outside EU, think they understand the regulation but there are still a lot of gaps in that area.

Help running your daily IT.

We do assignments like infrastructure, setting up Office 365 or G Suite among other things – everything that a small company get exposed to IT-wise. If you don’t have time or miss knowledge to handle the digital and infrastructure part of your business, like Google My Business, create a Facebook business page or updating your  homepage, we can take care of that for you as well – and for a very competitive price. Most tasks are not time that consuming, when you have the expertise. Therefore it can be done fast and cheap. Would you like to use Office 365 or Google’s G Suite, then we can help you here as well, so that everything just works. And if you need support later, we can include that too.

Be there all the way

Though we take care of everything, it can still help having an active role to play throughout the project, even with a simple homepage. It is easy to make a nice design shell, but what about the content, what should the text on your site say, what pictures do you want and where do you want them. Do you need to take some pictures or buy some? Looking around for inspiration can help too and can make delivery happen even faster and also make you happier as you potentially will need fewer changes going forward.

The same is the case for an app project, the more you are involved in the major decisions, especially design, the closer the app will be to what you had in mind.

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