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Make an app

If you have plans to make an app, then we can help.  Do you have good business plan, a well thought out idea – what is the app is supposed to do? How can I monetize?
We take your idea and make it into a requirement specification, finding a software company that can take care of the development at low costs and managing the project from development through to test- and launch phase.
It is incredibly expensive getting your app developed in Europe, but outsourcing development to other countries, we manage to reduce cost/benefit substantially. We speak the language of the developers.


Homepage design

Do you need a simple homepage, or perhaps something more for your new startup. Are you thinking e-commerce? We can solve it. The most sites created nowadays are made in WordPress, because it is faster, plus the many functionalities WordPress offer, such as:
  • Rich design templates
  • plugins for almost everything
  • CMS
  • Blog
  • SEO
  • Google Analytics

Our specialties

Here are some of things we do, Contact us for more information

Homepage design

Office 365

Outsourcing of  app development



Social media

Domain hosting

infrastructure configuration


NS and you

Great service and good quality do not need to cost a fortune

The last 5-6 years we have worked on different projects, a food ordering site, WordPress design and production, app projects, both simple and more advanced, infrastructure, Office 365, newsletter, everything that a small business can be exposed to when it comes to IT…

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