Since Microsoft and Google started to warn in the Chrome and Edge Browsers that sites are not secure, it is no longer only e-commerce and sites that handle confidential information, which are affected. Even if you have simple homepage, it can easily scare people away, if you don’t install and enable an SSL certificate, so there is a nice little green lock and https://… in the site address.

Most places offer SSL for free

Most host providers offer free SSL certificates nowadays via Let’s Encrypt, such as Unoeuro, Aze Hosting, SiteGround and Nestify to name a few. GoDaddy still hasn’t implemented Let’s Encrypt, but it probably won’t be long. In the mean time I would probably use another provider, if I were to host a new site, why pay 50 Euro a year for something that ought to be free. If you are going to update your site and are already paying someone to do it, it should not cost much to move your site and get it up and running somewhere else, as part of the package.

Configuring SSL

It varies a little how you configure SSL. Aze Hosting and Nestify take care of it for you automatically, while you need to enable https protection in  Unoeuro. However you still need to enable  “https redirects” in .htaccess file, which is located in your public_html folder (normally), the webroot. There are great examples on how you can add a couple of lines into the file here, so you ensure people always are sent to https://<your homepage>.com, else things will continue to looking this

Next you need to install and activate the really Really simple SSL plugin i wordpress and enable https.


If you use Cloudflare you also need to go into Crypto settings and set SSL to Full (strict).

Remember Polylang

If you have a site with multiple languages and use the Polylang plugin for WordPress, then you need to go in to language settings and save the settings again, you do not need to make any changes. if you don’t do this, you will see “too many redirects”, when trying to change to another language. It also doesn’t matter what settings you go into as long as you save.

That’s all folks.


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